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Aplus Framework CLI Library

Aplus Framework CLI (Command-Line Interface) Library.


The installation of this library can be done with Composer:

composer require aplus/cli


Create a file (cli.php) with the following contents:

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Framework\CLI\Console;

$console = new Console();
$console->run(); // void

Go to the terminal an run:

php cli.php

The output will be like the image below:

Aplus CLI - Index Command

Add a Custom Language

Edit the PHP file:

use Framework\CLI\Console;
use Framework\Language\Language;

$language = new Language('pt-br');

$console = new Console($language);
$console->run(); // void

Run the file in the terminal. The output will be like the following:

Aplus CLI - Index Command with Custom Language

If the CLI Library is not localized in your language, you can contribute by adding it with a Pull Request in the package repository.

It is also possible to add custom languages at runtime. See the Language Library to know more.

Add a Custom Command

Now, let's add your first Command.

Edit the PHP file:

use Framework\CLI\CLI;
use Framework\CLI\Command;
use Framework\CLI\Console;

class HelloCommand extends Command
    public function run() : void
        CLI::write('Hello, Aplus!');

$console = new Console();
$console->addCommand(HelloCommand::class); // static
$console->run(); // void

Go to the terminal and run:

php cli.php

Note that hello is listed as an available command:

Aplus CLI - Index Command with Custom Command

Run the hello command:

php cli.php hello

The output will be like this:

Aplus CLI - Run a Hello Command


Aplus CLI Library is an easy-to-use tool for PHP developers, beginners and experienced.
It is perfect for building simple and full-featured command-line interfaces.
The more you use it, the more you will learn.

Did you find something wrong?
Be sure to let us know about it with an issue.
Thank you!

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