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Aplus Framework Date Library

Aplus Framework Date Library.


The installation of this library can be done with Composer:

composer require aplus/date


The Date class adds some functionality to the native DateTime class.

It implements the JsonSerializable and Stringable interfaces, optimizing work with APIs by transforming the Date object into a string in ATOM format.

Example using the __toString method:

use Framework\Date\Date;

$date = new Date();
echo $date; // 2019-11-08T15:40:57-03:00


With objects of the Date class it is possible to render time spaces that are easier for humans to understand. For this, use the humanize method:

echo $date->humanize(); // 3 days ago

It can also be in another language:

$language = new Language('pt-br');
echo $date->humanize(); // 3 dias atrĂ¡s


Aplus Date Library is an easy-to-use tool for, beginners and experienced, PHP developers.
It is perfect for working with APIs that need date manipulation.
The more you use it, the more you will learn.

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