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Aplus Framework One Project

Aplus Framework One Project.


The installation of this project can be done with Composer:

composer create-project aplus/one

Or, to install the latest LTS version:

composer create-project aplus/one:^22


Project One has a minimalistic structure, with an index.php file being the only, or main, application file.

With just one file it is possible to create a simple website or a microservice.

It shows the versatility of how it is possible to structure an application with the Aplus Framework.

This is the basic directory tree:

├── composer.json
├── preload.php
├── public/
│   └── index.php
├── storage/
│   └── logs/
├── tests/
└── vendor/

And remember, it's highly customizable. You can adapt it as you like.


The application's configurations are set directly in the App class constructor, where, by default, five services are set; the exceptionHandler and the logger. Which shows a beautiful page when exceptions are thrown and is also able to save logs in the storage/logs directory.

Also, the request service is used to allow certain hosts and auto-redirect to URLs with HTTPS.

The response service is defined so that the application works with the browser using cache through the ETag header.

And the routing is defined directly in the router config, as it is expected not to contain too many lines. By default, only the route with the root path of the URL is set, and also a customization in the Error 404 page. Both return a closure with an array to be JSON-encoded.

Information on how to set up services can be found in the MVC library documentation.


Finally, the application will respond to HTTP requests through the runHttp method.

If the application also responds from the command line, it is possible to use the run method and, if it is only for the command line; runCli.


The instructions for deployment are the same as for App Project.


Aplus One Project is an easy-to-use tool for, beginners and experienced, PHP developers.
It is perfect for creating simple, high-performance applications.
The more you use it, the more you will learn.

Did you find something wrong?
Be sure to let us know about it with an issue.
Thank you!

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